Morning Matcha


Hello, everyone. This is Rio, staff from FUJITAYA. Hope you all are safe. To our sadness, recent government restrictions regarding the coronavirus outbreak have made travel impossible or nearly so. During this difficult time, I will introduce you about matcha, a kind of green tea because it is great for your health.

We highly recommend that you drink a cup of matcha in the morning for the following two reasons. Firstly, matcha helps you to keep in good condition. As been said, matcha is good for prevention of cold. This is because matcha is rich in a variety of nutrition including catechin, β-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, and so on. Catechin has antibacterial and antivirus action. It is one of the most important things we can do that we strengthen the immune system. Secondly, matcha gets your day started with comfort. Fresh matcha smells good, and it gets rid of your stress and relax you. Also, a cup of matcha contains same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. A proper quantity of caffeine helps clear your head and improve concentration. Therefore, drinking a cup of matcha, you will definitely feel refreshed. For above reasons, it is nice to have a cup of matcha before going out. If it is too bitter for you, you can change to matcha latte just adding some milk and sugar.

Sincerely hope the situation is getting better, and we are looking forward to meeting you in the near future. Please direct us when you decide to come to Japan, and we will make the new reservation for you and offer the best rate. We make matcha for guests every morning, which costs you 200 JPY. Please stay healthy and feel free to contact us at any time if we can provide you with assistance. Take care!