37-1, Nishishichijo Kitanishinocho, Shimogyo-ku Kyoto-shi, 600-8878, Japan

“Traditional and modern Japanese style with a warm welcome”
“A place to feel at home in Kyoto”
“A home away from home”

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In May 2017, the hotel FUJITAYA BnB was opened as the second FUJITAYA hotel. Its concept is “Bike and Yoga”. This concept was motivated by the increased awareness of health in recent years, and one of the main goals of the hotel is to give guests a chance to stay with those who have a strong interest in the outdoors and health care and experience these things.
The first floor of the building has a loft deck, which makes it possible to ride sports bicycles in. Bicycles can also be placed in rooms, and there are spacious meeting spaces and shared spaces to make staying together with groups possible. We also intend to have bike and yoga tours and plan on having tours that involve visiting not only Kyoto but other areas in Japan, and we hope we can convey what makes various areas of Japan so appealing.

In addition to that, we also have many events, including Japanese confectionery making, calligraphy, and tea ceremony experiences, all of which are intended to give our guests a taste of Japanese culture. Why not stay at FUJITAYA BnB during your family trip?
Every member of our staff is looking forward to serving you!